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Small Animal Litter:


Replace your clay-based litter with 1” of straw pellets in the litter box, scoop out the poop and the wet spots. This works well for puppies, kitties, bunnies, pigs, chickens, gerbils, hamsters & more.  Collect the poop & pee and flush down the toilet or put into the garbage, then put the leftover product into your garden, flower beds, planter pots - it is after all just straw.


Large Animal Bedding:


Bed your stall or trailer with adequate Straw Pelletz to suit your horses comfort level. Let your horse’s feet do the work to break down the pellets into the soft, supple & absorbent bedding.  Scoop out the poop, pick out the pee clumps, add another bag once a week.  Upon a complete stall clean out, remove horse waste & move all remaining product to garden to be used immediately - it is after all just straw.





Made from Southern Alberta straw our Straw Pelletz are a very effective weed deterrent when used in gardens as mulch.


They absorb 3x's their weight in liquids, keeping your soil moist as your plants grow.  Straw Pelletz are pH neutral and will add structure to your soils as they decompose.  


Straw Pelletz are chemical, weed & seed free.  Eco-friendly, carbon neutral, pet & wildlife friendly, and are a recycled product of harvest in Southern Alberta.