We count ourselves so very fortunate to have the most amazing client friends.  They know we work very hard to grow, bale & provide the best hay each year.  In our 16 years of supplying hay this has been the craziest & most heartbreaking year yet.💞

It has been so heartwarming to supply quality hay to so many of your wonderful animals this year.  Thank you for coming to pick up, we enjoyed your visit & love all the friendships we build!💕

Our hearts ache as we know that there are still so many folks that don’t have winter feed yet secured.  Don’t delay, go look at it, load it and get it home…before there is none left!🚫

Prices are going to rise higher the longer you delay, it is simple “Supply & Demand”.   Please don’t let scammers take advantage of you. DO NOT PAY ANYONE A DEPOSIT - you pay for it when it lands on your property. Deal directly with the farmer and build a relationship with them too! 💵

We are now sold out of small square hay bales.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year when Mother Nature provides us with some more wonderful hay for your beautiful livestock!🤞🏻

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2019 Small Square Hay

We have been involved in agricultural innovation for years: creating custom baling solutions for our clients, supplying clients of all industries with high quality small squares, and even creating mini bales!




  • 10-12 pounds

  • 8" x 10" x 18" in size

  • Mixed brome, alfalfa & grasses.

  • $5 each

Pick up near Blackie, by appointment.

"Excellent quality hay produced by a small family farm who does their very best to make their clients happy.  Highly recommend!"

-Valerie A.