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the founders and owners of

EZ Ag Products

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How We Started

It was during a search for a way to make a burnable grain pellet for our grain stoves, that we came across the use of Straw Pellets.  We found many articles on the internet about how Straw Pellets have been used in Europe for many years and found it interesting that we had never seen an option for this in western Canada.  Upon further searching we did see that there are some pellets being made in Eastern and Southern USA. We liked how the pellets had many uses; bedding, horticulture, heat, and felt it warranted further research & consideration.


Being that we live in a very agriculturally rich area we felt that by purchasing local straw, after harvest, we would be able to produce a product that was truly MADE IN ALBERTA. It would be environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, recyclable and a reusable bi-product.  It would be healthier for the animals, as it is not dusty, it would be better for our plants, as it is pH neutral, it would be re-using a bountiful product of Harvest. The more we read, researched and talked to people about the many uses for Straw Pellets, it seemed like it was a product that would fit well with our existing hay & straw products that we offer our clientele. Each conversation brings about more ways to utilize Straw Pelletz.

We are a small family farm in Southern Alberta with an entrepreneurial inquisitiveness. We are proud to have our two daughters working alongside us, as we grow our Straw Pellet business and look forward to meeting you too!